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[link] ..Oh yea baby .
Just so everyone knows im playin ESO and have CF made! read the forums for more info!!!
That'd be wonderful Convictus!! lol
ima try and use some of my soul power and help revive the guild
in back baby
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Revilusion a posted Mar 19, 14
Ok, so... I feel as if I have failed you all as a GM. I am not on as often as I used to be, and have even started to forget raids... I gave it my all in the beginning and I wore myself out. I won't try and make excuses. I don't have many anyway. I lost internet for a short bit, but not enough to really keep me from anything. I won't be quitting SWTOR...I could never ever leave CF. We all worked too hard to at least catch up to people geared for HM TfB and SnV...that's a huge accomplishment guys, regardless of what anyone says. I just need a break. So....I'll be looking for someone to pass the torch to, for just a little while. Usually I can take a small 2 week break and come back full force, but I think a need more than that. I'm just really tired, and brooookkkeee. lol. I'll be on here and there... I am going to try and keep my sub for as long as possible, but no guarantees. I'll try and get all my OPS and PvP passes  before the sub runs out so that if at any time you guys need me, I'm there. I just think it's time for a fresh start...someone who has the Umph to do DF and DP, etc. Sorry so long...this is hard for me. So....I'll be trying to log in more often so that I can find someone worthy of leading CF...thanks in advance to all who are reading this and understand. Love you guys!!!
Riggy_Mortis a Cold Fusion has been beaten around worse than Mike Vicks dogs.. (google it if you dont know) In no time has it had a be ...
Grekz a haha.. is the
Alakeram hey... your legs missin...
Revilusion a scurry O.O
Alakeram thats all you did??? C'mon son! you can do better then that!
Revilusion a you wanna go?!?!?!
Grekz a just need some OTHERS to log in and we can win every time
Once again, sorry for my absence these past few weeks. I've been unlucky in the health department. lol. But I'm back. We need to agree on those raid days and raid those days. I've had many people come in to help me, yet it seems there help goes unseen because we are so unorganized. I do blame myself for this. I need to hurry up & get better so we can get ourselves back out there. I do have one suggestion, though...something I did realize was happening a lot, but I didn't really address it, but I do feel it needs to be addressed. When we have people who have new 50s or 55s and I ask for your help...if you are on SWTOR at the time, please help. If you were on another game, that's fine...I can't ask that of you, nor will I. But if you're online, please help your fellow guildies. We can't raid without raiders, we can't create raiders without getting them geared. I feel like the officers of the guild and I have taken almost every single one of you through the raids, when you didn't even know SM EV. Backtracked, even though we were at HM level on some Ops, just so you could catch up. I ask that all guildies do that for the other guildies. Take them through flashpoints, raid when you're on, dailies. Help each other like you were helped. Ok, now that that is addressed....let's get back to raiding :)
dezrium to defeat hh hh the huns. huaaah
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Convictusconvictus the soul eater returns. hey guys, been gone some time. off with nightmare for a bit to get geared, took a break for a few weeks come back and the guild is dead. check back with CF,not doing to much better hope with my return we can revive CF. its good to be back baby.
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dezriumhow do i get one of those cool picture thingmabobs that yall have in the threads with your toon on them
Duchëss   [link]
RevilusionI should've taken But just wanted to upload to show progress...We may get quiet...but we make our comebacks :p
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